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Access your online cloud storage as a virtual drive
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pCloud Drive allows connecting to your profile in pCloud, one of the most widely used online storage services. There are various reasons why people decide to keep their data in the Cloud. First, there is the possibility to synchronize contents on multiple devices, independently of your location. Second, you can expand your computer’s storage capacity without needing to invest on another hard drive and the like. Finally, it is probably one of the most convenient ways to share information with others.

There is nothing particularly difficult about using pCloud Drive. Once the program is installed and the system properly rebooted, it is necessary to provide pCloud credentials to login. Moreover, there is the possibility to sign up in pCloud or use your Facebook account. From this moment on, the program minimizes to the system tray, from where you can access it to modify the settings. You will also notice that there is a new drive letter, just like what happens when you insert an external storage device. The files on this virtual drive are automatically synchronized with the online contents, including various default folders (music, pictures, and videos). Fortunately, it supports all common operations, like copying and moving. Thus, when you make a change in any of the elements stored on your pCloud profile, it is automatically updated on all the devices that are connected at the moment. Finally, it is good news that you can share the desired folders with other pCloud users, which facilitates collaboration. As an additional feature, you can use a Crypto folder to keep your sensitive data away from the reach of unauthorized people.

One of the things that I like the most from pCloud is the possibility to perform remote downloads. This means that, instead of downloading a given file to my PC, I can transfer it directly to my pCloud space. Then, I can share it or download to my computer at any time. This is a great choice when a given download does not support resuming. There is only one disadvantage I can think of: pCloud Drive does not allow setting a proxy server.

All in all, pCloud Drive allows accessing a fast and reliable remote data storage service. The program as such is free but the service is available in various plans. Thus, a free plan provides 20 GB of storage space and 50 GB of download link traffic per month. These limitations can be avoided by purchasing the Premium and Premium Plus plans, allowing 500 GB and 2 TB of storage capacity respectively.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates a virtual drive
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Remote uploads
  • Automatic synchronization between devices


  • Does not allow setting a proxy server
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